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The 19 best Recovery Apps

I came across this review by Healthline of app’s related to alcoholism and recovery and thought I would share it here.  It covers what they perceive to be the best apps for using if you are trying to manage your drinking or have stopped and need some support while you’re out and about.

I won’t list them all as you can check out the page linked above if you’d like to know what they all are but I’ll share my 5 favourites:

  1. Lift Daily Motivation – This app can help with both accountability and motivation. Enter your goal in the app — it could be as simple as “do not drink today.” When you complete your goal successfully, the app throws a celebration for you!
  2. Mindfulness Meditation – The Mindfulness Meditation app can help you create time for meditation in your busy day. Select the session length you desire, and then follow the app’s audio cues to relax and unwind.
  3. Breathe2Relax – The Breathe2Relax app can help you return to a place of calm and tranquility by encouraging better breathing techniques. Follow the app’s guided breathing exercises when you need to reach a better mental state.
  4. Afternoon Affirmations – This app’s function is very simple: At 1 p.m. each day, it delivers a message of affirmation to your phone. Read it, reflect on it, and apply it to where you are in your day.
  5. White Noise Lite – This app is designed to help your brain block the distracting thoughts, relax, and drift off to sleep. It contains 10 soothing sounds that can transform your bedroom into a blissful oasis. While you’re getting shuteye, the app continues to block all frequencies of sound that could disturb your slumber.

I don’t have a smartphone but I’m beginning to wish I did 😉  Any other app’s that you use that I might find useful?

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