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Alcohol health campaigns

nhs alcohol breast cancer campaign 2009

These are 2 Department of Health led campaigns that have been used in recent years to tackle the issue of drinking and alcohol consumption and the Change4Life campaign on the right is still running now (click on to enlarge).

Now I like the Change4Life campaign as it looks at all different elements of healthy living – healthy eating, exercise and alcohol consumption.  However it reminds me of the old Tony Hart character Morph who – well I associate as something friendly and funny and not really a particularly hard hitting health education approach.

The 2009 Health Effects NHS poster on the left is much more clear about both the risks of drinking and the visual imagery used to convey the message.  Why did these ad campaign’s stop?  I’ve tried to look for a reason why these would have been pulled.  Labour was in power in 2009 and then the Coalition came into power in 2010.  Was it related to change of political party and the influence of the drinks industry on the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition?  It is the best guess that I have and the move of alcohol as a Governmental issue from NHS to Home Office would support this view.

Which campaign would make you think twice about drinking?  The one on the left or the one of the right?  Let’s do our own mini straw-poll in the comments section 🙂

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