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Boozy holiday Brits

So we’re well into August now and this is probably the most popular holiday month of the year in this country due to the school summer holidays and the August Bank Holiday week-end.  This piece appeared in the Daily Mail recently following an Alcohol Concern study.

I appreciate that this is hardly news as we know that our holiday antics have given us a bad name for many many years, seeing as we’re already lucky enough to be perceived as boozy holiday Brits and a nation of ‘lager louts’ 🙁

Half of British holidaymakers drink alcohol every day on summer breaks – and one in three of us admit to boozing in the departure lounge.

A survey revealed yesterday how Brits hit the bottle as soon as we set off on holidays abroad.

Alcohol abuse campaigners warned that ‘any ideas about sensible drinking get left at home when we go on holiday.’

The research showed that more than 30 per cent down at least four alcoholic drinks each day.

But it also revealed how 19 per cent of holidaymakers admitted having a ‘regrettable experience’ as a result of being under the influence of alcohol.

Nearly a quarter said their holiday abroad had been spoiled by someone else’s drinking leading to loud or aggressive behaviour.’

The survey of more than 500 adults was carried out by the Alcohol Concern in Wales – with over a third said that they started drinking before they had even arrived at their accommodation.

It found that half said they drank alcohol ‘every day’ during their last holiday – with a further 29 per cent drinking on ‘most days’.

‘These findings show that, when it comes to holidaying abroad, most of us drink more alcohol than we normally do back home,’ said the spokesman.   Yet, far from improving the holiday experience, excess alcohol can often cause disruption and misery, resulting in arguments and ill-health, as well as valuable leisure time wasted nursing a hangover.

‘Drinking too much alcohol will do us no favours, and that holds true whether we are at home or away on our holidays.’

The survey showed 92 per cent drank alcohol on their last holiday abroad, 75 per cent said they drank more on holiday abroad than they would normally at home.

The main reasons to drink on holiday were to relax and have fun – yet only 26 per cent agreed that holidays would be less enjoyable without alcohol.

Fifteen per cent drank more because the drinks were part of an all-inclusive deal.

And 34 per cent said that their drinking started before they arrived at their holiday accommodation – with 16 per cent began drinking at the departure terminal.

We need to change our relationship with alcohol, and whilst, as individuals, we can take steps to moderate our drinking by keeping within recommended guidelines, the lead needs to come from Government.

‘We often knock back even more when we holiday abroad, where it seems we have decided that the “normal rules” around drinking don’t apply.’

I’m off on my second mini holiday of the summer and I am pleased to say that no time will be wasted with a hangover unlike pretty much every holiday I’ve ever had before! 🙂

39 days to go