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And here’s one I made earlier …..

So we’re back a day earlier than planned and I can’t keep away!  Both HOF Jnr’s got sick, with my daughter starting at 5am on Sunday morning.  We thought she’d overdosed on chocolate the night before, while watching Bugsy Malone, but then my son was sick at 3pm Sunday afternoon.  Festivals, camper-vans and vomiting children are not a good mix and so we headed home to give them a bath and the luxury of their own beds.

We had a fabulous time and I would really recommend this festival to anyone who is looking for something to do with their kids in the summer holidays in the UK.  It’s held in the grounds of a beautiful stately home in Cheshire and there is live music, art, games, circus, team games, open air cinema, campfire stories and songs and much much more.  We made fairy headdresses, we made a paper lantern for the lantern parade.  If you think I’m joking here it is!

lantern photo

We made paper boats and wrote letters, met the Gruffalo in the Spellbound Forest, danced and sang and chanted and watched great films under the stars.  And we didn’t drink.

I think it was Catlady who suggested that I share the things that I do now that I don’t drink and believe me this time last year you would not have got me near this event.  It would have got in the way of me getting my holiday party on with drink and I wouldn’t have had the patience or been interested in doing such things.  Everything revolved around booze but I just didn’t see it that way then.  I couldn’t see how much control it had over my life.

Yes there were bars at the event, small discreet ones, and yes there were people drinking booze – but the bars were outnumbered by smoothie, coffee, tea and milkshake stands.  There was one moment of missing and craving at about 4pm on Saturday while we were listening to a live band.  Lots of people around me were drinking and I felt left out.  My kids had been trying and I wanted to zone out.  I was having a moment of euphoric recall for all those festivals past where I would have been sinking a cold one.  But it passed and I had a piece of chocolate instead.  It used to be the main attraction and focus of activity and now it was neither.   For the second time this year my kid got sick in the night and I could deal with it because I wasn’t pissed or hungover.

I guess this post is about how differently I do things now and how that is a good thing.  It is about how I thought I would never be able to holiday without a drink in my hand, and certainly consider a festival as sober territory, and that I wouldn’t be able to have fun if I didn’t drink and that doing kids stuff was boring.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

If you are reading this and drinking and wishing your life could be different – it so absolutely can be if you put down the drink.  I didn’t think it was possible either and I was wrong – so wrong.  The more time passes the less afraid of doing anything I become.  If booze had become as central to your life as it was in mine and you walk away from it – man sometimes I feel f**king invincible.  And I miss it less with each day as another sober first gets bested 😉

37 – 36 – 35 – 34 days to go