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Study into drinking and pricing choices of 404 UK liver disease patients

Following on from the You and Yours radio show shared yesterday, Dr Nick Sheron who was one of the guests on the show has carried out this piece of research:

A new study looks at the impact of minimum unit pricing (MUP) on patients with liver disease, as the lead author urges policy makers not to forget minimum unit pricing as “an almost perfect alcohol policy”. Dr Nick Sheron, a liver doctor and academic clinical hepatologist at University of Southampton led on the study which explored drinking and pricing choices of 404 liver disease patients.

In the press release Dr Sheron states:

“Setting a Minimum Unit Price for alcohol is an almost perfect alcohol policy because it targets cheap booze bought by very heavy drinkers and leaves moderate drinkers completely unaffected. Our research shows that an MUP set at 50p per unit would affect the liver patients killing themselves with cheap alcohol two hundred times more than low risk drinkers.”

See here for the: Nick Sheron research 2014

Just what we need – good research evidence to support minimum unit pricing policy.  This will be hard for the govt and  industry to dismiss as he is both a clinical and academic specialist in the field.  Hoorah!! 🙂

23 days to go