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Honest booze bottle labels


These Honest Alcohol Labels Tell Exactly What You’re In For When You Drink (Photos)

What if the labelling on the booze we drank actually reflected the truth of what drinking does to us physically and to our behaviour?  This brilliant article and it’s images does exactly that!

Advertisements for alcohol always manage to focus on the glamour and glitz that comes with drinking whatever light beer or “top shelf” vodka is being peddled.

But really, alcohol can cause to people make stupid decisions regardless of how much a particular bottle (or its advertisement) goes for.

Companies can spend millions of dollars on the perfect marketing strategy, but it isn’t their job to accurately represent their products — they just want you to buy it.

You can have a sexy label, but it’s probably not going to tell you much about the contents.

Total Sorority Move dreamed up what it would look like if  bottles were forced to be more candid about the possible side effects of different alcohols.

These were my favourites!

Tequila only leads to good decisions ( I called this stuff to-kill-ya)


They say licorice is good for your stomach, but not when it’s mixed with alcohol.

Great stuff and a welcome reminder of what the reality of drinking can actually be 😉
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