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Addicts’ Symphony

I’ve just finished watching this programme ‘Addicts’ Symphony’ a truly glorious documentary of triumph over addiction and the power and success of both recovery and music.

But FFS the first TV advert shown in the first commercial break was for a f**king alcohol product.  This is a programme about addiction to alcohol and drugs and they thought it appropriate to show this ad.  Good grief ……. <rant over>

This is the programme synopsis:

The highly respectable world of classical musicians is rarely linked to addictive behaviour.

In this uplifting one-off documentary, composer and musician James McConnel examines music’s extraordinary transformative power, as he brings together ten classical musicians whose lives have all been blighted by addiction, in an orchestra for a spectacular one-off performance with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Each musician is trying to break free from addiction: some have been sober for years, some for only a few months. As a musician, composer and recovering alcoholic himself, James has found that music became a huge part of his recovery and he wants to share this with others in a similar position.

Here is the link to the show:


I would really recommend watching it and it lasts just over 1 hour but it will be a valuable use of 1 hour of your time 🙂

19 days to go

Edited to add 11th July 2016:

New Note Orchestra: ‘Every single musician has maintained their recovery’

An orchestra for people trying to overcome alcohol and substance misuse | Guardian, UK