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First no alcohol lager on draught set to hit the UK

I read this article recently and was pleased to hear this as this country needs to have more alcohol free options available to those of us who chose not to drink alcohol but don’t always want a soft drink if we are out.

Estrella launches first non-alcohol beer on draught.

The first no alcohol lager on draught is set to hit the UK. The Spanish producer is launching a 0.0% ABV beer that will be available in keg format from July 2014.  They are looking to launch the brand and then expand into the health club and sports centre markets.

They currently sponsor MotoGP and are the only alcohol free lager in the UK to have an above the line campaign.

I find this interesting though as I suspect other drinks industry companies may be watching this.  If a ban of alcohol marketing and advertising within sport were to be implemented, in the same way as has happened with tobacco, where would non-alcohol beers stand?

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