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Taste Test: Non-alcoholic beers

The Guardian very kindly did a taste test on some of the alcohol free beers currently available in the UK so I thought I’d include it here. Why? Because I drink alcohol free beers and think they can be a useful thing to take to a party or have in the pub if you don’t want a soft drink.  If you would like to read the full review you can go here but the scores on the doors looked like this:

  • Becks Blue 2.5/5
  • Bavaria Malt 3/5
  • Bavaria Wit 3/5
  • Bavaria Fruity Rose 2/5
  • Fosters Radler 0% 3/5
  • Cobra 0% 1.5/5

Interestingly in the comments after this piece they were all raving about Erdinger non-alcoholic pils!  One I need to try.

As for me, do I agree with the Guardian newsdesk?  My favourite is the Bavaria Malt – taste’s most like a beer to me.  Becks Blue is good too.  Absolutely did not like the Cobra and the Fosters Radler left a lot to be desired too (the original was only 2% ABV so it’s just fizzy lemonade!).  Haven’t tried the Bavaria White beer or Fruity Rose so will give them a whirl at some point.

I personally feel that there is a time and a place for these non-alcoholic beers but it is down to each individual and if drinking these is triggery for you then stay safe with soft drinks.

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