Taste Test: Non-alcoholic beers

The Guardian very kindly did a taste test on some of the alcohol free beers currently available in the UK so I thought I’d include it here. Why? Because I drink alcohol free beers and think they can be a useful thing to take to a party or have in the pub if you don’t want a soft drink.  If you would like to read the full review you can go here but the scores on the doors looked like this:

  • Becks Blue 2.5/5
  • Bavaria Malt 3/5
  • Bavaria Wit 3/5
  • Bavaria Fruity Rose 2/5
  • Fosters Radler 0% 3/5
  • Cobra 0% 1.5/5

Interestingly in the comments after this piece they were all raving about Erdinger non-alcoholic pils!  One I need to try.

As for me, do I agree with the Guardian newsdesk?  My favourite is the Bavaria Malt – taste’s most like a beer to me.  Becks Blue is good too.  Absolutely did not like the Cobra and the Fosters Radler left a lot to be desired too (the original was only 2% ABV so it’s just fizzy lemonade!).  Haven’t tried the Bavaria White beer or Fruity Rose so will give them a whirl at some point.

I personally feel that there is a time and a place for these non-alcoholic beers but it is down to each individual and if drinking these is triggery for you then stay safe with soft drinks.

14 days to go



9 thoughts on “Taste Test: Non-alcoholic beers

  1. Thanks for the ratings as I also like to drink NA beer at parties or evenings out. My grocery store is starting to stock more varieties so I don’t have to rely onnly on O’Douls. Two more weeks for you! I’ve been watching the countdown every morning and cheering you on. Go Lou! 🙂

    1. Glad to hear that your grocery store is accommodating of your NA tastes 🙂 I know I can’t quite believe it – two weeks off of one whole year. I said to MrHOF last night (who is 8 days from his one year sober birthday) I never thought we’d manage this. It feels a bit like when I ran a marathon and crossed the finish line – achieving one of those things you just didn’t think you were capable of. What a shot in the arm it is to one’s self-confidence!! xx

  2. Haven’t thought of trying alcohol free beers. I remember them from years ago when they were dreadful. Have they changed since then? They just don’t appeal to me but I can see the benefit of them, especially in the early days when you’re not ready to broadcast to the world that you’ve given up.

    1. Hey ODAAT I know – makes me think of Eisberg wine (which is still available!) Actually they are okay – depending on which one you choose of course 🙂

  3. I’m impressed with the variety of na beer. My hubby likes it and I often buy it for him.
    I have not come across a gluten free one yet, but I expect one will come along some day!

  4. When I first quit I didn’t care to try any of the AF beverages, but being someone who does not drink soft drinks, or citrus juices, my options were pretty limited when I quit. Plus my boyfriend owns a company which imports ales so being a foodie, food and beverage pairing always interested me.
    He brought home a Beck’s blue for me to try and I have to say I quite like the taste of it when paired with creamy pasta and seafood dishes. Also goes very well with chocolaty desserts. I wouldn’t mind trying the Bavaria Malt as its make-up is different from the Blue, but we don’t have that here in my country.
    As far as other AF drinks go I’ll pass. I’m sticking to my coconut water, green tea and coffee options. 🙂

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