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Drinking like a ‘normie’

This post feels like it continues from yesterday’s post about non-alcoholic beers quite nicely 🙂

At coming up to a year sober, alcohol free wine and beer has become something that I drink regularly, either at home, or when out and about.  I appreciate that not all agree with this but for me it works without challenging my desire to drink something stronger.

What I have noticed is that with the alcohol removed from the booze I drink like a ‘normie‘.  I can have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and that’s it, happy and don’t need anymore.  For me, it satisfies the taste for alcohol but with none of the consequences.

Which got me thinking as to whether it could be used as a way to moderate or cut down if you are still drinking alcohol, but want to reduce the amount you drink.  If you could alternate a non-alcoholic for an alcoholic drink or even a night of drinking alcohol with a night of drinking an alcohol free substitute would that help?

Compared to Nalmefene, the once a day pill being considered to tackle alcoholism where you take it and continue to drink alcohol, this seems like a comparable and perhaps more favourable way of reducing the amount you drink, as well as reducing the related health consequences.

There will be some that say just don’t drink alcohol full stop but if you enjoyed the taste and would still like to, and it doesn’t encourage you to drink stronger alcoholic drinks, then what’s the harm?

Just a thought

13 days to go