Daily Archives: 12/09/2014

This is why I stopped drinking

This is why I stopped drinking and why I need to stay stopped.  It may not have been how I was when I stopped but there was no way of knowing how it was going to play out in the future.  That was a gamble I was not willing to take and I did not want this for my children.

Shared from Upworthy and thanks to the kind person on the Booze Free Brigade Facebook group who shared it there 🙂

He’s Counting Down From 21, And By the Time He Reaches 15, My Stomach Is In Knots

A video like this needs no introduction, but I’ll go ahead and give it just this one word:


9 days to go

PS I’m off for an early sober birthday treat today – having drinks at the new ‘Umbrella Bar’ in Manchester that is the brainchild of the lovely fellow sober blogger SoberMalarky.  She and I will be supping mocktails galore! Overnight stay in a hotel and then attending the UK Recovery Walk the next morning with 8,000+ other clean and sober folks.  Will post about it all next week and won’t’ be about to respond to comments until late tomorrow night! 🙂