This is why I stopped drinking

This is why I stopped drinking and why I need to stay stopped.  It may not have been how I was when I stopped but there was no way of knowing how it was going to play out in the future.  That was a gamble I was not willing to take and I did not want this for my children.

Shared from Upworthy and thanks to the kind person on the Booze Free Brigade Facebook group who shared it there 🙂

He’s Counting Down From 21, And By the Time He Reaches 15, My Stomach Is In Knots

A video like this needs no introduction, but I’ll go ahead and give it just this one word:


9 days to go

PS I’m off for an early sober birthday treat today – having drinks at the new ‘Umbrella Bar’ in Manchester that is the brainchild of the lovely fellow sober blogger SoberMalarky.  She and I will be supping mocktails galore! Overnight stay in a hotel and then attending the UK Recovery Walk the next morning with 8,000+ other clean and sober folks.  Will post about it all next week and won’t’ be about to respond to comments until late tomorrow night! 🙂

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    1. Hi Chris Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog 🙂 I did see it yesterday and may well write a post on it as there some nuggets of interesting stuff within it!

    1. Morning Prim Quick email before children’s school assembly and drive to Manc land 🙂 Didn’t see Beth’s post and will have to read it when I come back! I’ll see what I can do about the chant. Without wishing to offend or prejudice any of you lovely readers I am a Chelsea FC fan and have been known to chant on the terraces at Stamford Bridge! 😉 xx

  1. Wow. That poem got to me. What an incredible young man, though, for being able to own his own pain like that, and to hold it up to the light, to look at it, to make it into something beautiful.
    Just looked at the link for the Umbrella Bar – looks fabulous. Hope you have a great time, and enjoy the walk in Manchester tomorrow. Look forward to reading all about it 🙂
    Hugs. xx

    1. Hey MTM Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Umbrella Bar was fantastic – everyone involved in the place is clean and sober and in recovery, right down to the DJ’s and live music. All carried along on a mix of tea, coffee, soft drinks, mocktails and cake! 😉 Superb night in a superb venue 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. The Umbrella Bar sounds awesome, I agree with Sharon we need some of those on this side of the pond 🙂 Enjoy your weekend sounds like fun! xx

    1. Hey Lori the week-end was mindblowing to say the least! As I said to Sharon, maybe you could be a pioneer and open one too! 😉 xx

  3. Wow- I am feeling emotional today already, but that brought tears to my eyes. I could be that person, too. It keeps me humble to remember that. Thanks for sharing!

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