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168 units of alcohol: just an average week on a cruise ship

I read this in The Telegraph and if it is true then it is truly shocking.

An average cruise passenger consumes 42 bottles of beer, 16 cocktails, seven bottles of wine, 16 shots of whisky and two glasses of champagne on a single voyage, new research has claimed

A poll of almost 3,000 Britons, carried out by the website Bonvoyage.co.uk, uncovered the staggering statistics, which suggest that a cruise passenger’s weekly alcohol consumption – during a one-week sailing is eight times the recommended allowance for men (21 units), and 12 times in excess of the recommended consumption levels for women (14 units).

Mediterranean cruises were found to be the booziest, while men and women were evenly matched when it came to the total amount drunk.

“A cruise is one of the most relaxing holidays out there and it is evident from our research that passengers are certainly relaxing with a few alcoholic beverages,” said a spokesman for Bonvage.co.uk.

I am actually speechless and have to question the robustness of the research as it doesn’t sound possible!  Plus I’ve never been on a cruise so don’t have any personal experience.  Have you been on a cruise and does this reflect your experience?

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