Daily Archives: 22/09/2014

The permission slip you’ve been waiting for

OK so today is the start of year 2 of being sober and what will it bring I wonder?  I’m going to keep blogging on a daily basis until I reach day 402.  Why this number?  Because I started this blog on day 37 of my journey and so I want to do a full year of daily posts.  Then I’ll give your eye balls a rest and drop the frequency to every other day.  Year 1: daily Year 2: every two days 😉

I saw this and thought I would share it here because I liked it and I think what Danielle LaPorte shares is true (or I agree with it anyway!).  Hell if I can successfully give up drinking so can you and maybe this video will give you a shot of inspiration 🙂

You want permission to stop drinking? Here it is!  You can do this 🙂

PS Thank you all so much for your well wishes yesterday – it meant the world to me  <3