Which country drinks the most alcohol?

I love this!  Ever wondered which country drinks the most alcohol?  Well this interactive online map shows which countries drink the most alcohol (and which don’t).  Thanks to this new map you can see exactly how much alcohol is drunk in each country of the world during a week, broken down into units of wine, beer, and spirits, just by clicking your mouse.

The map was created by Italian designer and developer Piero Ciarfaglia using data provided by the World Health Organisation and is called http://ghostinthedata.com/alcoholmap/

It provides a fascinating insight into our different cultures (and also kind of makes us want to hang our boozy heads in shame).

In the UK we drink 56ml of wine, 1476ml of beer and 109ml every week per person over the age of 15. At the other end of the spectrum, people in Jordan drink just 2ml of wine, 44ml of beer and 19ml of spirits every week per person over the age of 15.

This news story comes from HuffPost UK and you can read it here.

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