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Britons ‘spend an average of one year of their lives hungover’

Courtesy of the London Evening Standard

The average Briton spends almost a year of their lives hungover, a charity has said.  Macmillan Cancer Support has estimated that people spend 315 days of their lives battling with headaches and nausea caused by drinking.

The charity, which is running a Go Sober for October fundraising campaign, surveyed 2,000 British adults and found that one in 14 will have more than 3,000 hangovers in their lifetime. It calculated the figures by multiplying the average amount of time people spend hungover each month with their life expectancy.

The poll also revealed a north-south divide with the frequency of hangovers, with 22% of people from the north likely to have more than four hangovers each month compared to 15% of people from the south.

Women’s hangovers appear to last longer – with the average lasting nine hours – compared to a seven hour hangover suffered by men.

One in every 13 of those surveyed said they had missed a first date because they were too hungover and one in ten said they had missed a job interview.

“This research shows hangovers are a waste of time and are causing people to miss out on everything from romance to their dream job,” said Hannah Redmond, head of national events marketing for Macmillan Cancer Support.

“That’s why we’re asking people to sign up for Macmillan’s Go Sober fundraising event, abstain from drinking alcohol for the month of October and ask family and friends to sponsor them. The money raised will provide vital funds to support people affected by cancer so they don’t have to face it alone.”

So you could Go Sober in October and then keep going until the end of Dry January if you wanted! 😉

PS Thank you to the kind person on Belle’s conference call last week that mentioned my blog and a specific documentary.  There are a few UK documentaries that I have shared on this blog but these are the one’s that this person was referring to: Drinking Yourself to Death and Old Before My Time.  The other one I suggested is Rain in my Heart.  None of these are easy watching but if you want to see the truth of what alcohol does then these 3 should leave you under no illusion ……