Drinking and How It Changed My Life



Drinking and how it changed my life:  Ann Dowsett-Johnston at TEDxHomeBushRdWomen

This is just fabulous!!  Recorded in January of this year she talks about her book ‘The Intimate Relationship between Women and Alcohol

I agree with EVERY SINGLE THING SHE SAYS <sorry for shouting>

She absolutely nails it and introduces me to a word I’d not heard before ALCOGENIC

To quote Ann in a Guardian article which you can find here and is absolutely a must read:

We live in an alcogenic culture, awash with cheap liquor, where drunkenness is normalised. It should come as no surprise children are mimicking their parents.

We’re swimming in an ocean of cheap alcohol. Our children are in trouble. Women are too. We’re medicating what ails us with our culture’s cheapest drug. And as a culture, we’re in deep denial.

16 thoughts on “Drinking and How It Changed My Life

  1. thanks so much for posting that – wonderful. tears to my eyes. great book.

  2. so much of that gave me chills. especially when she said (my precis):

    “Alcoholism works like this. You will deny it, and it will progress. And you will continue to deny it, and play games with it, and it will continue to progress, until you do the heavy lifting work of recovery.”

    and ‘alcogenic’ is a brilliant word. I found a good definition of it as:

    ‘Physical and social environmental factors that reflect and promote a culture of excess drinking, including advertising, low pricing, and promotion of heavy drinking.’

    (from here: http://www.thedrinkingpitch.com/sa/wp-content/downloads/Summary_of_Research.pdf)

    Lou, would be interested to hear your thoughts on thedrinkingpitch.com website. it’s an interesting concept – a competition for students to pitch a creative idea and strategy to encourage students to drink more safely. and the punchline? sponsored by a winemaker…

    1. PS oh lordy have just checked out the winning entry on that website. (takes ages to download but worth it….)

      think my favourite bit was the use of their sobriety-encouraging logo – ON A BEER BOTTLE OPENER KEYRING. you could not make this shit up 🙁

      1. Yep how to undermine your own message in one easy step. Genius – not :S xx

    2. It’s excellent isnt’ it Prim? She describes what is going on so well and alcogenic is my new buzz word! 😉 Urghh the drinking pitch – my opinion for what it’s worth is it’s just another Drinkaware. Dressing up being helpful with the underlying message that drinking is ok. Talk about mixed messages!!

  3. “Alcohol is the new tobacco” how true! When are we going to see the marketing restrictions that we see on tobacco placed on alcohol! I, too, like the word Alcogenic. I also love that she refers to the “heavy lifting” of recovery…we’re doing the lifting and getting stronger. XX

    1. Yep killing us slowly while profiting at our expense. I’d love to hear the answer to that question too Lori. We are doing the heavy lifting but it helps when there are so many of us supporting each other in the endeavour 🙂 xx

  4. I watched this over the weekend, and WOW- it was powerful! I cried and loved the ending, she is a great speaker and has some excellent points- thanks Lucy!!! xo

    1. It is powerful isn’t it? She sees it very clearly and I’m glad you loved it 🙂 xx

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