Year two sober and one week on

So how was that day for me?  Amazing! Bit up and down and must have been a big deal as I had some anxiety going on and slept really badly because of having a drinking dream!  Big milestones can destabilise is what I’ve learned this year so gird your loins as it could get bumpy around these times!

I had a lovely day with a session of CBT in the morning which is going really well and will write more about soon.  Then went to our monthly village tea (we are a very small village and the pub is long gone so this is how we get together as a community) for tea and lemon drizzle cake and home-made apple and blackberry crumble.  Yum!  Then a visit to some close family for more tea and then mexican food and chocolate cake back home.  I completely sugar binged (sound familiar?!)

My I’m done drinking app says I’ve not consumed 1460 drinks (although this is based on beer and I believe they’ve updated the app to include wine now so I need to re-download to be more accurate for me). I’ve saved 175,226 calories – which I would debate what with all the cake and chocolate I’ve scoffed in the last year!  That said I am 10lbs lighter than when I quit a year ago even with all the extra sweet stuff 🙂  And I’ve saved £2178 so x2 for me and MrHOF makes us £4356 better off – enough for a lovely family holiday if we so desire 😉

My health and fitness are just generally better all round and am achieving faster run times and I just feel better and I look well – really well.  I had not appreciated how crap I looked and felt most of the time a year ago.  And I’m suffering much less from all the lurgies that my job exposes me too and my kids bring home from school!

Relationships are much improved all round although some still struggle to understand the decision we have made but I’ll trade that for our much happier and calmer household on a daily basis.  Personally my job situation is shifting, my Masters starts in a couple of weeks and I’m pursuing other ideas and possibilities which I’ll talk about more in the coming months.

Oh and I bought myself a sober treat 🙂

Aurora Borealis Butterfly

And I have all of you to share this journey with thanks to getting sober! Happy Days 😀



15 thoughts on “Year two sober and one week on

  1. What a beautiful sober treat and congratulations again on such a massive milestone!
    I’ve just restarted studying and I look forward to hearing about your Masters and new future possibilities. Hooray for new future possibilities!

    1. Thanks AM 🙂 Hope your studies go well too and yes indeed hooray for new possibilities! xx

    1. Thanks Kristen – it’s made by a very talented lady. So many positives and so few negatives makes Lou a happy lady 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, especially about the bumpy bits. A good reminder that recovery is a process, not a destination. Sometimes I think to myself, “Am I fixed yet?” Then I remember I’m not broken. Just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking life on its own terms. And thanks for writing about the drinking dream! I had my first one last night, almost eight months into sobriety. That was a little disquieting! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has them. Congratulations again, and I’m glad you’re still writing, even after reaching your milestone!

    1. Hi Julie – too true, it is very much a process and not a destination. Congrats on 8 months – that is awesome!! Drinking dreams are our subconscious minds way of reminding of us why we don’t it anymore 😉

  3. Your post is yummy and inspiring 😀 I recently purchased an amethyst charm for my bracelet, remembering what you said about it warding off intoxication 😉 I have lots of drinking dreams, but it’s nice to wake up & realize they’re just dreams. Looking forward to hearing about your future adventures and gaining more wisdom from following your blog! xx

    1. Thanks lori 🙂 There’s nothing better than sober sleep and when waking realising that our drinking nightmares are just that now 🙂 xx

  4. Congrats!! that’s awesome! You have gone through an amazing transformation, and have become a huge inspiration to many! Woot woot! Keep moving forward to even bigger and better things. Hugs.

    1. Hi Maggie! Thank for reading and commenting on my blog. Misled you there I’m afraid as I’m only in the first few weeks of Year 2. Post title should have been clearer (my bad) and thanks for the congrats 🙂

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