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Short and Long Term Damage of Alcohol Abuse

I recently wrote a guest post for Florida Beach Rehab on the Short and Long Term Damage of Alcohol Abuse which was posted up today and you can find here:


It’s a more detailed (hopefully non-medical jargon) explanation of what happens to the body and mind if you misuse alcohol either for a short period of time, say a binge, or over a longer period of time where the damage is more cumulative.

Thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to speak in more detail about this and share my experience with them and you further 🙂

When Friends Stop Drinking

I get sent some excellent things and this is no exception.  I was contacted on email by Steve and this is what he said:

Just wanted to send you over a sketch I created, which highlights how people react when you give up drinking. It’s based on the negative responses I received from friends when I recently gave up alcohol.

Having a break from alcohol? With friends like these, who needs it…



This made me smile and laugh 🙂

Hope you like it too!