When Friends Stop Drinking

I get sent some excellent things and this is no exception.Β  I was contacted on email by Steve and this is what he said:

Just wanted to send you over a sketch I created, which highlights how people react when you give up drinking. It’s based on the negative responses I received from friends when I recently gave up alcohol.

Having a break from alcohol? With friends like these, who needs it…



This made me smile and laugh πŸ™‚

Hope you like it too!

7 thoughts on “When Friends Stop Drinking

  1. Brilliant! The only thing I seem to struggle with 10 months into being sober is other people’s reactions and it has made me feel very isolated socially. This is just how it feels when you tell people you don’t drink and thanks so much for sharing. I would love to share this on my own facebook page – am I allowed to do this? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Burnsie Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog πŸ™‚ First things first, congrats on 10 months sober – amazing achievement! As for the video by all means share it on FB I’m sure Steve would be delighted.

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