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Scotland: Industry, Health and Government make case for Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

Health advocates, including doctors and nurses from Scotland and across Europe, find common cause with Scottish alcohol industry representatives in supporting the Scottish Government’s efforts to implement its Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislation. They call for global alcohol producers to drop their legal challenges to this policy that will save hundreds of lives of people in Scotland every year.



From a public health point of view this is a no-brainer as they so eloquently point out in this video.  The implications of alcohol abuse and dependence are just too large to ignore anymore ……

Edited to add 12th June 2016:

Drinking habits have changed since minimum pricing laws, court hears

Judges hearing a legal challenge to the Scottish Government’s plan for a minimum alcohol price have been told of changes to drinking trends and alcohol-related death rates in the years since the legislation was passed at Holyrood | Scotsman, UK