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Young People and Drinking, Smoking and Drug Use

The National Centre for Social Research UK published their findings recently.

Here’s a bit about them:

Since 1982 we’ve been speaking to young people, aged 11-15, in schools across England about how smoking, drinking and drug use affects their lives.

We collect this information to make sure that the government, charities and health professionals make the right decisions about how to help young people. It also shows how things are changing over the years.

This short animation shows some of our key findings from last year’s study.

I found the statistics about smoking and the impact of people you live with interesting although this did not carry over to alcohol.  Useful information and good to see that alcohol consumption among this age group is going down.

Early intervention is thought to be the best strategy for this age group and schools are a good place for this work to be done.  Here is a link to a briefing paper aimed at informing teachers and practitioners involved in the delivery of alcohol and drug education and prevention in case you’re interested 🙂


Edited to add: 20/10/2014

New evidence review from Scotland looking at alcohol and the developing adolescent brain can be read here