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First alcohol free nightclub in the world opens in Sweden

Saw this news story in my FB feed – thank you Umbrella Cafe 😉

Believed to be the first of its kind in the world “Sober”, the brand child of Swedish entrepreneur Mårten Andersson, will launch this weekend at the Sodra Theatre in Stockholm – a club night at which alcohol is banned.

Upon arrival clubbers with be breath-tested and turned away if they register a blood-alcohol reading with staff trained to spot, and boot out, anyone using drugs.

What’s more, the event is almost sold out.

Mr Andersson, a popular Scandinavian television host and comedian, has said he came up with the idea having quit drinking and wanted to create an adult space for people who chose not to drink.

Launching in Sweden, Anderson believes the concept would work in other locations.

He said: “I strongly believe the world has only seen the start of this movement.

”We’re just trapped inside this dangerous bubble of alcohol and can’t see clearly until we step out of it.”

And this was the news report post the opening night.  It’s worth reading the full story as there’s some video of the night for you to watch should you want to see that sober dancing is possible!  😉

Champagne ice buckets lined the bar, while hipster staff shook brightly-coloured cocktails above their heads. One worker was sipping a beer at the same time. But there was no chance of getting in trouble for drinking on duty. All beverages were non-alcoholic.

Outside, excited clubbers queued patiently along the cobbled street, before being ordered to blow into a breathalyser to check that they hadn’t been on the booze earlier in the evening. Specially trained staff also kept an eye out for people who might have taken drugs instead. Only a few ticket holders got turned away from the event, which sold out weeks in advance.
Once safely indoors, guests moved between a room offering house and techno from US Grammy and BRIT Award nominated Zoo Brazil, to another playing commercial classics from Snap’s 90’s anthem Rhythm is a Dancer, to Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees.
By 11pm, the venue was rammed, with few seeing the need for a traditional pre-club gathering at home or in a bar if the aim of the night wasn’t to get tipsy.
The night is set to run once a month and the owner already had plans to take his clubbing concept to other Swedish and European cities.

LOVE this idea and good on you Sweden !! 🙂

But what’s with an alcohol free night being controversial?!  If they’d been giving out free legal highs that would be controversial but no booze – c’mon really??