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Institute of Alcohol Studies report into alcohol and domestic abuse

The full title of this report is ‘Alcohol, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault’ by the Institute of Alcohol Studies and was shared recently by Alcohol Policy UK.

Here are the reports key findings:

  • Typically between 25% and 50% of those who perpetrate domestic abuse have been drinking at the time of assault, although in some studies the figure is as high as 73%. Cases involving severe violence are twice as likely as others to include alcohol.
  • Research suggests that those who mix energy drinks and alcohol on a night out are almost twice as likely to be taken advantage of sexually.
  • There is a strong link between alcohol and violence, and research suggests that pricing policies such as minimum unit pricing for alcohol would reduce rates of domestic violence.
  • In light of poor conviction rates and general misunderstanding about alcohol sexual assault and rape, there have been calls for a change in the law around consent so that intoxication is seen as a possible indicator that abuse has taken place.
  • There is a need for improved training for law enforcement agencies on the impact of alcohol, sexual assault and the capacity to consent.

Download ‘Alcohol, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault’. A briefing summary and a podcast are also available.  The podcast features interviews with Professor Jonathan Shepherd (Cardiff Violence & Society Research Group, Director) and Jennifer Holly (Against Violence & Abuse)

Another consequence of booze that the alcohol industry appears to ignore …….