Daily Archives: 22/10/2014

Gamble responsibly

There are some statements that just strike me as oxymoronic – gamble responsibly and drink responsibly being two of them. Both are addictive, one a behaviour and the other a behaviour driven by a substance.  Yet the purveyor’s of these industries feel that if they’ve made this statement that somehow what happens to that person has nothing to do with them.  No lawsuits here – we told you and you didn’t listen …… GRRRR

In every bookies/betting shop window here in the UK are big signs showing the odds of a particular game or race and then underneath: Gamble Responsibly.  And a telephone number to call if  you need help.  Laudible I’m sure but not really helpful for the gambling addict who is about to cross the threshold to place a bet.  Oh and it’s also a charity funded by the winnings of the industry – conflict of interest much?

I suppose I shouldn’t complain as at least there is a phone number advertised as with drink – not so.  Yes the bottle says ‘drink responsibly’ but there is no telephone number to call if you need help with this substance on the bottle.  Well the industry wouldn’t want you thinking that anyone actually has a problem with booze or controlling the amount they drink now would you?  You have to find your way on to the Drinkaware website to find any helpful numbers.  It all just smacks of ‘caveat emptor’ – buyer beware – doesn’t it?  You are the problem not the substance or the betting shop.

I guess a post about sports sponsorship by the alcohol industry would follow on nicely from this wouldn’t it? 😉

What do you think?  Is it just me getting crimped about this?