Power and Control

Following on from yesterday’s post this draws on another diagram taken from the TEARS website

The power and control wheel is a visual display of different types of abuse that occur in abusive relationships.  The abuse is based on one partner’s need for having power and control over the other.

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The thing that strikes me about this is that this is true of alcohol and the impact it has on us whether internally or externally.  What I mean by that is some of the forms of abuse we feel we do to ourselves, or the addict voice in our head does. For example; verbal abuse as being any attempt to lower our self-worth or emotional abuse where we feel that our thoughts and feelings are being manipulated.  Equally restriction of freedom where we start to plan our lives around booze or abuse of authority where we feel like booze is making all the decisions.

By external I mean that we can engage in these activities, or they can happen to us, while under the influence so destruction of personal property, intimidation and physical abuse or unwanted sexual advances.

Booze can become our controller and it can be used by others to control us, particularly young female teenagers being given alcohol as part of sexual grooming and exploitation.

I feel so strongly that we need to stand back from the glossy marketing and advertising of booze and look at the issue from a more distant objective position to see what is really going on here.  And once you can see it, you can then do something about it 🙂

PS I was doing some UFYD work (a la Prim) a few weeks ago on my WordPress account and had moved a post from ‘scheduled to publish’ to the ‘trash’ and then had a moment of about face and retrieved it today and in doing so it was published on it’s original day that has now long passed!  If you’d like to read it it’s called ‘Little pig little pig let me come in’ and you can find it here 🙂

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  1. Another informative post 🙂 “Booze can become our controller and it can be used by others to control us”. This is so true! How I wish I could go back and have a conversation with my teen aged self. I hate the word ” control” by the way, as much as I hate the “M” word “moderation”. 😉 loved the Little Pig post-glad it escaped the trash xx

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