Sober birthday no 2

It’s my birthday today 🙂  It’s not polite to ask a lady her age so I’ll save you the trouble and share that I am 46 today.  Holy smokes I’m getting on a bit! 😉

It’s also my second birthday sober which I suspect will be a great deal easier than the last as I was only 6 weeks sober then.  Wolfie was still loud and shrill in my ear on that day.

So to continue my systemic desensitization I did something that made me laugh and if anyone else had seen me would have thought I was mad!  I recently went to a large supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces and I’ve kind of avoided the huge looming alcohol aisles for obvious reasons.

But this time time I thought ‘f**k it’ and strolled down one saying out loud to myself as I went ‘I don’t need you anymore, you hold no power over me and I am better off without you’.  Fortunately there was no one else in the aisle other wise I’d have been getting some pretty weird looks.  And you know what?  It felt GOOD 🙂

It is so bloody normalised to drink in this country that I LIKE being different now.  I like not being beholden to spending more than I even want to calculate on booze.  I like not feeling like sh*t every Saturday and Sunday morning (or any other morning come to that).  I like that I don’t reek like a brewery with booze oozing out of every pore for vast swathes of time.  I don’t miss the bad skin, bad guts, bad mood, morning fears about what I may have said or done to someone real or virtual under the influence, the stupid things I might have bought on the internet, the lost time that I will never get back.  I like everything that being alcohol free has given me and miss nothing about my booze soaked past now.

400 days sober today!!

PS A little birthday gift from me to you.  One of my favourite tunes and the video happens to commemorate one of my all time favourite heroes too, the late great Bill Hicks.  In the words of The The “if you can’t change the world, change yourself” 😉

And as it’s my second sober birthday two treats!  This is a running video that has recently gone viral and happens to be the park where I ran over the summer raising money for Alcohol Concern.  Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners are brazenly challenged with intimate questions as they pace their routes. Liberated from responsibilities, their guards drop dramatically, releasing funny and brutally frank confessions, and weaving a powerful narrative behind the anonymous masses.  For all my sober running buddies – enjoy and if you’ve never run I’d recommend it 🙂



29 thoughts on “Sober birthday no 2

  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂 The AA’s call it your “Belly Button Birthday” 400 days is awesome. xx

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Lou! Thanks for the gift you give me every day. 🙂 And congratulations on day 400!!! P.S. You’re not so old. 😉

    1. Hmmm, written down that ‘happy that you quit!’ looks way different from how I meant it. I guess you know how I mean it? I am happy that you quit because that is the happyness I would like for everybody to have. And that we got to meet in the sober blogosphere is real nice and it has been a great help to me too. :-).

    1. Hi Bea! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog and thank you for the celebratory wishes 🙂 xx

  3. Happy birthday! I look forward to my second sober birthday in December. Last year I was 7 days sober and almost gave in. Soooo happy now that I didn’t.

  4. Happy birthday, Lucy! I still enjoy reading your blog often. I’m at three months and two weeks today. You’re blog is intriguing and your journey inspirational.

    1. Hey Amy Congrats on 14 weeks sober and thank you for the kind words and well wishes 🙂

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