Daily Archives: 28/10/2014

My one year sober blogging anniversary

So here I am – it is now a full year of me sober blogging.  Another milestone!  When I started on this journey I said I would blog for 30 days because I wanted to prove to myself that I could be creative as well as live alcohol free.  365 days later the blog is still going strong (minus a few days holidays here and there) and I have made so many new friends because of it.  It really is a double gift this getting sober lark as I’ve found my alcohol free identity and my sober blogging voice.

I’ve said from here that I would drop my blogging frequency to every other day as I am now on year two of sober living and I hope to stick to that.  I read so many things that I want to share here that I don’t think I’ll struggle to find enough to post – it’s that there will be too much and I’ll want to blog more frequently!!  Only time will tell and if that is the case then I see that as good news as that will mean that booze is in the media and research spotlight so often that I’ll feel compelled to cover it 🙂

Thank you to all of you who follow, read and comment on my blog.  It would be nothing without you xx

PS Hangover Free?  Absolutely.  I loved hangovers almost as much as I love this song NOT! 😉