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Average Briton spends £50,000 on alcohol over course of lifetime

So as Go Sober for October reaches a close I’m sharing a news story that was published at the end of last month as we were going into the charity event.

The average person in Britain spends almost £50,000 on alcohol during their lifetime, a charity has warned.

Macmillan Cancer Support found each Briton spends around £787 a year on alcohol, with London’s concentration of drinkers spending sizably more. The research, conducted by Onepoll, surveyed 2,000 over-18s. Men spent an average of £934.44 per year, the data found, compared with women spending £678.60.

Martin Lewis from Moneysavingexpert.com said: “It’s not just the price of buying alcohol… it’s the fact when we drink, we lose our spending inhibitions too – we all know the cheap night out that turns into a pocket-killer. Even going sober for a month could save you a significant amount.”

Earlier this year England’s chief medical officer,  Dame Sally Davies, said that despite clear risks to health and society, “retailers continue to sell alcohol using methods which I consider to be irresponsible”.

So for me my app said at the end of my first year alcohol free I’d saved £2178.  I started drinking at the age of 17 and we can take 2 years out of that for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  If I do a quick calculation that means over my drinking career I spent almost £60K.  The thing is that’s not my lifetime.  The average life-span for a woman in the UK is 82 so potentially another 36 years.  Granted if I’d kept drinking like I was there is no way I’d have reached the average life span!  If I had drank this way for my entire life-span, which I acknowledge is highly unlikely, then the total spend would be a whopping £142K.  Almost enough to buy a house in this country currently (average house price is £186K) which is quite frankly just depressing 🙁

So lets flip it over and say that if I don’t drink from here on in I’m going to save £78K that makes me feel much better 🙂  And if I double that for me and MrHOF that equals £155K!  So I guess the lesson is don’t think about what you’ve spent but think about what you’ll save and the sooner you quit the more you’ll save 🙂