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Do you worry about having a hangover in the week or not?

I was recently approached by Adam at Voucher Codes Pro and was happy to share the results of a poll they conducted.

Voucher Codes Pro decided to conduct a poll asking 1,673 working UK adults, aged 18-40 years old, from all over the country whether they worried about suffering a hangover during the week or not?

The participants were of an even gender split of males and females, with the results revealing some surprising information.

When questioned how many times a week during Monday to Friday does each individual enjoy an alcoholic drink, more than half (57%) said they drank twice a week.

However, interestingly nearly a third (32%) would go out on a weekday, with others (68%) opting to drink at home. Of these participants, the majority (65%) would regularly go into work the following day with a hangover, while shockingly nearly a quarter of these (23%) were also sick during office hours.

When asked for their reasons for drinking on a weekday, even with work looming the following morning, the most popular answers were as follows:

  1. To let off steam after work – (32%)
  2. To help break up the week – (28%)
  3. Boredom – (21%)
  4. To celebrate an occasion – (15%)
  5. Lack of responsibility – (4%)


Taking a closer look into the results, the polls also revealed that just under half (46%) of those that had suffered a hangover the following morning, resulted in them calling in sick and taking the day off.

Interestingly, results suggested it was mainly (74%) males that found going to work with a hangover was too much to deal with. Could this kind of self-inflicted behaviour be contributing to the UK’s wide scale problems concerning the increasing number of sick days taken by staff? 

stages of a hangover

You can read the full article here

I particularly like the hangover model which mirrors the Kubler Ross grief cycle which I have talked about in a previous post.  It also accurately represents how my hangovers used to feel too which reminds me of why I stopped! 😉  If this is how you are feeling today as you overdid it last night why not give yourself a break?