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Guest post on Mumsnet and Udemy course launch

Well it’s been a busy and happy week here in the HOF household.  Last week Mumsnet approached me to write a guest blog post for them as it is Alcohol Awareness Week here in the UK and it’s titled ‘The moment I knew I had to give up drinking’ and you can read it here.

Plus I’ve mentioned that I’ve been busy working on something that I would tell you about when it was ready.  Well it’s ready and the sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed the new image that has appeared to the right of this post that looks like this:


If you click on it (and I’m sure some of you probably already have) it will take you to my new course hosted on a platform called Udemy.  The course title is the same as my blog: A Hangover Free Life and here’s what it says on Udemy about the course:

Since I stopped drinking in September 2013 I have saved over £2500, lost 10lbs in weight and any symptoms of anxiety or depression have all but gone. Life is better in every way!

Before we stop, we think quitting drinking will be impossible and too hard, so we decide not to even try, but this course will give you all the information and tools to make it possible. There are presentations, an e-book, hand-outs and online resources for you to use. The course is designed to be completed in 3-4 hours but deciding to change your relationship with alcohol, and changing it, can be a process which takes some time and as this course gives you lifetime access it will be there for you as long as you need it.

It looks at ways to cut down through moderation, gives you the structure and time to reflect on your drinking while thinking about stopping or preparing to stop.

It gives you knowledge about the impact that alcohol has physically and emotionally and the skills to manage life alcohol free. Then once you are living hangover free tools are provided to ensure that you can stay that way as long as you wish.

It gives supportive resources in terms of books, films and online communities. A one on one support consultation via email, telephone or Skype is also included in this course should you wish to take advantage of it.

This course is for you if you want to look at your relationship with booze and want to change it, be that temporarily or permanently. What have you got to lose? You can always go back to drinking if you change your mind. Although you might find, like me, that life is so much better without it that you’d rather stay hangover free. Enroll now!

If you want to go take a look and view the free preview materials then you can do so here: https://www.udemy.com/ahangoverfreelife/

Udemy is sharing a promotional offer in the run up to Black Friday and I’d like for you to be able to take advantage of this.  The course is listed as $49 but if you click on the image to the right and sign up before Saturday 29th November you’ll get the course for only $10!  As this is a new feature and I want to ensure you access the savings – you can click HERE also.

As a valued reader of my blog I would greatly appreciate your feedback on email at ahangoverfreelife@gmail.com if you have any recommendations for changes or improvements to the course.  If you sign up and think it’s great just the way it is then a review on Udemy would be fabulous!

I’ve found since I stopped drinking that you can never have too much support or too many tools in your sober toolbox.  For the price of a sober treat if you’re living alcohol free, or a bottle of wine if you’re drinking, lifetime access to this course can be yours today.  I hope you’ll join me on the course and we get to talk one on one soon 🙂

I’d love to hear what you think about the guest post and the Udemy course!



Alcohol Concern Conference

This morning’s post will be brief as I’ve scheduled my full one to be published this evening with some exciting news to share!

Yesterday I attended the Alcohol Concern Conference in London which was an excellent day.  So many brilliant speakers including Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Professor Linda Bauld and Gabrielle Weller & Arthur Cauty  showing clips and discussing ‘A Royal Hangover‘.

There was representation from both the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition govt and Labour party speaking also, and I have to say I was underwhelmed by the major political parties future direction on alcohol policy.  It felt like they said the right things but I wasn’t entirely convinced about the strength of political will to tackle the issue we have in this country with this drug and it’s impact on our children, our health and society more widely through public health.  It’s a general election next year so time will tell.

The alcohol industry were also present, Diageo mainly  …….

I learned a great deal and there will be several blog posts to follow to share that knowledge here which means next week will see more daily posts until I’ve exhausted the subject for the moment! 😉

Check back later for another post today! 🙂