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Veronica Valli and I (5) discuss ‘recovered’ vs ‘recovering’

Veronica and I met a couple of weeks ago on Skype and during this conversation we discuss how the AA fellowship perceives ‘recovered’ alcoholics as opposed to ‘recovering’ and the difference between the ‘fellowship’ of AA and the ‘programme’ of AA.

As someone who has a copy of the Big Book, which is the ‘programme’, but who has only been to one 12 step meeting, which is the fellowship, I find AA fascinating and over the next 12 sessions we are going to discuss each of the 12 steps.  I am interested to learn how the steps can be used to resolve the ‘spiritual malady’ that AA talks of without necessarily attending a 12 step meeting and Veronica has very kindly agree to be my guide, and because it’s recorded, you can share the journey too 🙂

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Veronica Valli is an Addictions Therapist and the author of Why you drink and How to stop:http://www.amazon.com/Why-You-Drink-H…


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