UK Liver disease crisis

This is a brilliant infographic produced by The Lancet (Click the infographic for the full-size image)


It’s been designed to support their commission into liver disease and you can read the full report here:

This is a heavy weight document from a heavy weight group of professionals and is supported by:

  • British Liver Trust
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Foundation for Liver Research
  • Children’s Liver Disease Foundation
  • Royal College of Physicians
  • British Assocation for the Study of the Liver (BASL)
  • British Society of Gastroenterology

This SHOULD be impossible for the Govt to ignore.

Here are their key message and 10 key recommendations:

  1. Strengthen detection of early liver disease and its treatment by improving the level of expertise and facilities in primary care
  2. Improve support services in the community setting for screening of high-risk patients
  3. Establish liver units in district general hospitals to be linked with 30 specialist centres regionally distributed, for availability of highly specialised investigations and
  4. A national review of liver transplantation services to ensure better access for patients in specific areas of the country; provide sufficient capacity for the anticipated increase in availability of donor organs
  5. Strengthen continuity of care in transition arrangements for the increasing number of children with liver disease surviving into adult life
  6. Implement a minimum price per unit, health warnings on alcohol packaging, and
    restriction of alcohol advertising and alcohol sales
  7. Promotion of healthy lifestyles to reduce obesity in the country and its results on
    health; governmental regulations to reduce sugar content in food and drink; use of
    new diagnostic pathways to identify people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  8. Eradication of infections from chronic hepatitis C virus in the UK by 2030 using
    antiviral drugs; reduce the burden of hepatitis B virus; target high-risk groups for these viruses, including immigrant communities; use of a universal six-in-one vaccination for infants for hepatitis B
  9. Increase provision of medical and nursing training in hepatology and wider
    educational opportunities for health-care professionals to increase the number of
    doctors and nurses in hospitals and primary care
  10. Increase awareness of liver disease in the general population with a national campaign led by National Health Service (NHS) England; clinical commissioning groups increase awareness in area health teams

The link above to The Lancet also has a 12 min audio where the authors of the Commission outline the priorities for better prevention and treatment of liver disease in the UK.

What do  you think of their key messages?

Edited to add: 24/11/15 Update to Lancet Commission one year on

Implementation of the Lancet Standing Commission on Liver Disease in the UK – Open access




9 thoughts on “UK Liver disease crisis

  1. that is a great infographic! and some pretty heavyweight organisations behind it…

    the call for minimum pricing is getting louder but I can see that the process currently going on in the European Court of Justice concerning the Scottish minimum pricing legislation is putting everything on hold…I understand that consultations on that end early next year and there might be some news on that front soon.

    there’s a recent briefing paper (4 Dec) on MUP which summarises the history on MUP in Booze Britain quite neatly – here if you haven’t seen it. interesting in that it says MUP is supported by health organisations but not by members of the public. sigh.

    ‘A detailed analysis of consultation responses was published by the Home Office.There were 1,145 responses to the question on whether a minimum unit price (MUP) of 45p was targeted, proportionate and would achieve a significant reduction in alcohol-related harm. Of these, 395 respondents (34%) agreed that such a level would achieve the aims; 638 respondents (56%) disagreed. Respondents from public health bodies, voluntary and community organisations and local government were more likely to agree that the proposed MUP would meet its aims. The largest group of respondents were members of the public (46%, 524 respondents), the majority (73%) of whom did not agree that the MUP would achieve its aims.’‎

    1. It is getting louder Prim check these out: Minimum alcohol price law ‘could save £900m’; Welsh Govt to push ahead with alcohol minimum unit pricing ; Alcohol: Jim Wells plans to bring in minimum pricing per unit So that’s Wales and Northern Ireland pushing on – Scotland fighting hard and the silent voice in all of this? Yep, good old Blighty 🙁 Public aren’t behind it because the health issues are being hidden. The health issues of smoking being known made it harder for people to ignore. And that’s even before the social/child protection issues are considered and talked about (which again they are not, it is hidden). Being cynical too but who’s to say that the industry weren’t behind which members of the public responded to the consultation?? Just a thought 😉

  2. The graphic and recommendations are great; very straightforward and easy to understand. Here we have hard evidence that deaths from liver disease are increasing while deaths for other conditions are decreasing! Like you say, it “should” be impossible to ignore. xx

  3. I wish we had cooler graphs! On the US health sites, it’s all boring numbers! I’m a visual person. However, our liver deaths have gone way up due to same reasons.
    However, no one wants to raise taxes so that won’t happen! It seems we need louder voices from our doctors, nurses, and CDC.

    1. Louder voices from the US medical profession would be a great start untipsy!

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