The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas

Last year in the run up to Christmas my sobriety was pretty new and the week before the big day I made a mocktail every day as a way of keeping my mind focused and to stop me from slipping and you can see them all here.

This year I thought I’d do the 12 sober treat Days of Christmas.  I’m aware that my blog can be a little heavy going at times because I focus on the media stories and public  health issues so I wanted to lighten things up a little.  Normal service will be resumed in the New Year when with January comes the warnings of the dangers of excess which my usual blog format will suit perfectly! 😉

So ….. my I’m done drinking app tells me that MrHOF and I so far have saved the princely sum of £5500+ between us and that will buy some very BIG sober treats.  So I’m going to go wild and stretch my imagination and scour the net looking for the best sober treats I can find and for each of the next 12 days I will share them here so we can dream of the amazing things we can do with all our time and money and energies now we don’t drink 🙂

These could also be items to go into your sober first aid kit as designed by SueK and discussed over at Living Sober which you can read here.  This is a truly amazing idea so thank you to to the other side of our sober world!  As a reminder they are something: smelly, sweet, inspiring, soft and cosy, supporting, pampering, nourishing and surprising all in a nice box or bag.

The original 12 days of Christmas were quite wacky too – so how do I start and match a partridge in a pear tree?  Do I follow the theme?  I think I shall  – how about ……..

green® fresh pear shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath from Philosophy

12 days of Xmas pear shower gel

Which you can buy for $20 here or for £18 in the UK.  They even do a cinammon bun shower gel, which made me think of Belle 🙂

Perfect for your sober bath at the end of the day so something smelly or pampering from your first aid kit! What gift will tomorrow bring? What pear themed sober treat would you buy for yourself?

Edited to add:  my friend Rachel over at Sober Is The New Black has a great piece in the Guardian Society She Said blog today which you can read here: A Christmas letter to my old lover – alcohol.  Couldn’t agree more Rachel!! 🙂

19 thoughts on “The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas

  1. ooh hoo, what a lovely idea for 12 days of treats 🙂 great start! I definitely need a sober first aid kit!

    something pear-ish? saw this recipe for a pear and ginger mocktail which you could sip in your pear bubble bath:

    ‘Decorate the rim of a champagne flute by dipping it in a saucer of water then into a dish of one tablespoon caster sugar mixed with half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Add one tablespoon of ginger syrup from a jar of stem ginger into the glass, then top with equal quantities of pear juice and sparkling elderflower. garnish with a slice of stem ginger.’

    various supermarkets do pear juice – sometimes in the baby foods section 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks Prim – it was inspired by Mrs D & Living Sober discussing SueK’s sober first aid kit. Do I have maybe a shopping cross-addiction issue? 😉 That sounds like the yummiest mocktail – thank you 🙂

  2. So far i have managed to find some excellent alcohol free drinking ideas (with help from the lovelies on mnet!) Ginger ale and lime is remarkably wonderful and my other half bought two bottles of belvoir mulled fruit drink for me to look forward to. Last week, my youngest went to a party at Lush (I know, a bit weird for a 9 year olds do!) And made a rather wonderful bath bomb, in which she has no interest! I however, have been breaking little bits off it and allowing myself to wallow on several occasions! The main joy for for me, this second Christmas, is being able to buy meaningful gifts without stressing that I will have enough money to buy extra booze to hide away.

    1. Great stuff saireycol – love the Belvoir winter punch myself and have bought a bottle of Bill’s pink lemonade for Christmas Day 🙂 Lush bath bombs are lush! 😉 I’m with you on the money thing too – jeez at £7 for an ordinary bottle of wine a day plus 10 fags on top (and the rest!) that was an £84 a week habit for me which buys a truck load of gifts!!

  3. Eek! Only 12 days til Christmas?! 😉 what a great blog idea for this wobbly time of year…must order some “Green” today! xx

    1. All sober tools employed at this time of year! 😉 Thanks Lori and happy shopping 🙂 xx

  4. This is such a super idea and I look forward to seeing what you come up with over the next 11 days xxx Also loved the first aid kit over on living sober xx Thanks Lucy xxx

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome Kim 🙂 The sober first aid kit over at Living Sober is genius!! xx

  5. Dear Lucy,
    As I just reached 100 days today on Belle’s challenge, (YAY), my dear hubby wanted to buy me a new yoga top!
    At first I said, no, I don’t want anything, and I don’t feel like going out in cold, dreary weather.
    But after reading this, I just told him, YES!

    1. Congrats untipsy on your 100 days – that’s awesome!! And GOOD to saying yes to hubby’s offer – you deserve a sober reward for your hard work 🙂

    1. Golly I’ve never been anyone’s muse before – I like the sound of that 😉 Thanks Anne 🙂

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