Daily Archives: 15/12/2014

The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 3

So today according to the Christmas song it’s Three French Hens.  But what if I couldn’t find Three French Hens – would I be disappointed?

So this sober treat looks at disappointment and the expectation hangover that we can get when things do not go according to plan.  I subscribe to Kate Northrup and recently she interviewed Christine Hassler the author of a new book called ‘Expectation Hangover’

Here’s the interview:

You can buy the book here for £20 and if you go to her website here you can take the expectation hangover quiz, order the book and get loads of free goodies too! 🙂

For me this goes in the nourishing category of sober treats – as it nourishes my soul.

What other sober treats would work for today?  A French cookbook or a dinner reservation at a French restaurant?  I still find eating out in French restaurants tricky as wine seems a central part of their dining experience.  French language lessons?  Some croissants for breakfast?

PS Day 450 here for me – so will definitely be having almond croissants for breakfast as an extra extra milestone number sober treat 🙂