The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 4

Four Calling Birds ……hmm how about the kettle calling instead?

You could buy  yourself some specialist or expensive loose leaf tea.  This is my favourite and I’ve talked about it before here.  It is on my Amazon wish list – with 45 other things 😉 (mainly recovery books!!)

Beautiful tea

This is a handmade glass infuser mug for flowering tea, which looks and tastes divine, and you can get from Amazon here for £24.00

For me tea has been a massively supporting sober treat so this is perfect for the sober first aid kit

This may be too late for this year but an idea for next year?  How about a tea advent calendar!  24 different teas for each day from December 1st – 24th and a special treat for the 25th.  Each day’s sachet has enough tea for 2-3 cups of tea, so you can enjoy a treat in the morning and in the afternoon, or with a friend.  The flavour choice is huge: Lemon Verbena, Japanese Sencha Green, Peppermint Infusion, Assam, Breakfast Blend, Duchess Earl Grey, Blackcurrant Burst, Pai Mu Tan White Tea, Balancing Infusion, Lemon Gunpowder, Chamomile Infusion, Spring Spritzer, Refreshing Infusion, Orange Blossom Oolong, Clanwilliam Rooibos, Gingerbread Chai, Citrus Zing, Aromatic Black Chai, Cherry Medley Rooibos, Jasmine Green Tea, Winterberry Fruit Infusion, Strawberry Split, Spiced Apple Infusion and Genmaicha Popcorn Tea.

Any other four calling birds sober treat ideas? …..

Edited to add: these were two teas that I bought today:

ThreeTulsi_CMYK_NEW                     Love_CMYK_NEW

Here’s where to find out about three tulsi:

and love:

Enjoy! 🙂

12 thoughts on “The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 4

  1. I have tea-envy!!! I am so gutted I missed this advent calendar!!!! Just signed up for the website though – what a fab idea: I love tea!!! x

    1. Hey tryingagain! I love a good tea myself and now you can look forward to next Christmas already 😉 xx

  2. Dear Lucy,
    I need to learn tea. I am a coffee drinker, and all the tea I drink is BORING! LOL
    And I bought myself another yoga top! I got all 3 days into one top! LOL
    Actually, I love visiting all the cool coffee shops in my wonderful city! It’s a sober gift to myself!
    Have a great day!

    1. Hey untipsy 🙂 Us Brits do tea for all the world! 😉 Another yoga top – cool! Love coffee shops so have a salted caramel latte for me next time you’re visiting one in your city xx

  3. I don’t have a tea gene yet, waiting for it to arrive. 🙂

    Sounds lovely though

    1. Daisy can I suggest gentle introduction to tea gene with herbal tea? I can personally recommend Clipper Sleep Easy and Twinings Cherry & Cinammon 🙂

    1. Oooh cocomint cream sounds yummy – thanks for sharing the link 🙂

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