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The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 8

Eight maids a milking – well I’m going to have to milk this one for sure!!  I’m going to propose that this sober treat you save for next year.  Delay gratification?  A big ask for us instant gratification driven drinkers LOL!

movie tickets

Set aside the money to pay for a ticket to go see ‘A Royal Hangover‘.  It’s already premiered in the US and Australia and is due to premiere here in the UK in the New Year.  If you haven’t heard of it here’s the films trailer:

I was lucky enough to be sent the film to watch by it’s producer Gabrielle Weller and I can safely say it is absolutely brilliant.  In fact that’s an understatement – it is f**king dynamite!!  I was squirming in my seat from the first two minutes and I was enthralled the whole way through.  The film covers all the facets of how embedded drinking is in this countries culture and reveals the problem so clearly that  you wonder why it has taken us so long to wake up to the public health crisis unfolding before our very eyes.  I could not agree more with director Arthur Cauty’s view of what is going on and it saddens and enrages me in equal measure.

I met them at the Alcohol Concern Conference and this is what Gabrielle has confirmed about viewing availability in 2015: The film is still on the international film festival circuit and as such isn’t being released outside of independent movie theatres (in the UK, Australia and the US) until April next year when it will be available on NetFlix and also shown on television across the UK, US and Australia. Follow the facebook page of ‘A Royal Hangover’ for all updates on distribution and screenings.

This definitely fits in the surprising category of Living Sober’s First Aid Kit.  You’ll watch it and be surprised that it has taken so long for a film this good to be directed and produced about what we know is a major issue for both us as individuals and within our own respective cultures and countries.

Any other eight maids a milking sober treat ideas?  A cup of hot milk? Some milk chocolate?