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12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 9

Nine ladies dancing – well this one makes me dance anyway!! 🙂
Over the last five weeks of my Cambridge course one of the tutors has repeatedly described mindfulness, and the practice of mindful meditation, as the two wings of a bird.  She describes it as one wing is insight and the other compassion.
And then in a moment of synchronicity Feeling posted a link to a talk by Tara Brach where the very same description was used (Thanks feeling!)
Her talk is so good, and at times funny, that I am sharing it again here as a sober treat and as the idea for another sober treat.  Mrs D is a BIG fan of Tara Brach and I am fast becoming one too.  She has books and meditations free online that you can access here.
As part of my course I am expected to complete a daily mindfulness practice and then journal about it.  Maybe a moment of mindfulness each day would work for you too?  Why not over the next 30 days find a few minutes to be mindful: washing the dishes, making a cup of tea, in the shower, wrapping presents?  Or why not sign up for the excellent Headspace app where you can complete the Take 10 challenge for free and even sign up with a buddy so you can work on it together, as well as support and motivate each other.
As we head into Christmas and New Year when it can be really difficult to remember why we’ve made the choice we have – being present and mindful can help with that.  I find this practice both inspiring, supporting and nourishing and helps me accept that who I am is okay as I am.  What better way to treat yourself? 🙂
Any other ideas for nine ladies dancing – a CD of your favourite tunes? Ticket’s to a gig of a band you love?, A fitness class like Zumba?
PS 15 months today!! 😀
PPS The 600th person has subscribed for my e-book and has been offered a free Udemy course place so now the offer is open to subscriber no 750!