Daily Archives: 22/12/2014

The 12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 10

Ten Lords A Leaping – well the only place this sober treat has me leaping is into bed!  I struggle with self-care around the soft and cosy suggestion.  Do I not think I’m worth soft and cosy things?  Maybe.  I did a big sober treat splurge last New Year in the sales and bought myself a beautiful shirt and trousers – which I have yet to wear.  What’s that about?   Am I saving it for a special occasion?  Maybe.  I need to wonder on this one some more ……

But I did buy myself a little sober treat earlier this month.  It’s winter here and getting cold and I love my bed so yes I bought myself some beautifully fluffy and warm bed socks!!  How glamorous for a 46 year old women 😉  But you know what I LOVE them!!  I love to have a deep bath with bubbles and candles early on in the evening, get into my pj’s and socks and sup on my herbal tea in front of the fire whilst nibbling on chocolate and watching Breaking Bad.  My new decadence! 🙂

soft and cosy socks

What soft and cosy sober treat could you get for yourself?  Maybe you want to follow the tradition and get yourself something to do with lords a leaping – a Lord of the Dance DVD, or a Lord of the Rings DVD or a copy of the book Lord of the Flies?  I shall be looking out for more soft and cosy things to buy from here on in – that’s for sure!