12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 12

Twelve Drummers Drumming.Β  Well my daughter has a drum kit and I used to hate it when I was hungover – now not so much πŸ˜‰

For me I’m drumming up cash and fellow sober treat hedonists for this the final treat of this series.Β  It’s a biggie and I’m hoping to enlist the company of some of my sober friends to accompany me!

A chocolate, yoga and meditation week-end retreat in May!!


There is no reason to ever β€˜give-up’ chocolate, but make sure you eat the right kind though!!

This weekend is an education into raw chocolate, yoga and meditation. You will learn how to make Inner Guidance’s infamous Raw Chocolate Fudge, Raw Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Chip Banana Ice Cream and of course a range of Raw Chocolates.
Enjoy our Five Star service and accommodation, all set in our stunning location just outside Lavenham in Suffolk.

Oh my goodness, that sounds lush!!Β  It’s not cheap but it is an awesome sober treat that hits sweet, inspiring, supporting, pampering, nourishing and surprising all at once! Who’s with me πŸ˜‰

What other sober treat ideas are there for twelve drummers drumming?Β  A drumming class?

Merry Christmas all my lovely sober peeps and if you’re thinking about stopping drinking maybe this retreat in May is something to aim for and you’d be welcome to join us πŸ™‚

PS Prim recently shared a Swedish alcohol awareness advert in the comments section and it got some good responses so I thought I’d share two here now.Β Β  The first is the Swedish campaign for Christmas and New Year (which shows lots of drinking so could be triggery) and the second is a feature advert on the new alcohol free nightclub in Sweden called Sober.Β  There’s a killer line in the second one ‘Flirting with guys or girls, be a king on the dance-floor or make lots of jokes when you are drunk. Any amateur can do that, but when you do it sober, that’s when you are cool for real!‘Β  LOVE this πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “12 sober treat Days of Christmas – Day 12

  1. Sounds amazing! Covers all of my current helpful crutches….. I would love to attend. I’m looking at the link now… x

    1. Then that makes two of us then! πŸ˜‰ Roll up roll up early sober Christmas present time or a big ole sober reward for getting through the next week! πŸ˜€ xx

      1. I think it will be a reward to keep me looking forwards. Feeling great today though. Had an early Christmas with the kids – opened some presents and had a special breakfast as we will be travelling first thing in the morning and its been wonderful x Had a little look and the place looks great. Will be booking I think ;0)

      2. Absolutely Clairesuper and you can probably save the cost of it between now and May by not drinking – so a great sober trade off πŸ˜‰ So pleased your Christmas is off to a flying start and have a great day today and tomorrow xx

  2. My computer won’t allow me to follow the link – saying there is malware that could harm my computer. I’ll google the place but just thought I would let you know.
    Merry Christmas – thank you for all the support. Have a wonderful time

    1. Oo er – mine didn’t do that….. Thanks for the warning. Google will work just as well πŸ™‚ Merry Xmas to you too clairesuper and you have a wonderful time too xx

  3. Hi Lucy x Thanks for a great little series of posts πŸ™‚ Have loved the 12 sober treats of Christmas! Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas xxxx

    1. You’re welcome Kim πŸ™‚ Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas too xx

    1. It is TMSN! πŸ˜€ Maybe I should do a sober treat post once a month so we don’t feel deprived the rest of the year? πŸ˜‰ You have a wonderful Christmas too! xx

  4. ‘alcohol isn’t necessary when everything is awesome anyway’ – SO TRUE!

    happy Christmas Eve dearie! xxx

  5. That retreat looks wonderful πŸ™‚ and i love those Swedish ads, so thought-provoking. I’ve enjoyed your series of sober treats these last 12 days, Merry Christmas to you and the HOF family; and thank you again for your inspiration and education this year! xx

    1. I bet they do similar things on your side of the pond too πŸ™‚ Thanks Lori and Merry Christmas to you and yours too xx

  6. Lou, I’ve really enjoyed these 12 posts and your interviews with Veronica. The chocolate-meditation-yoga retreat sounds amazing! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and all good things in the new year! Thanks for all the support, wisdom, and smiles you’ve shared this year. πŸ™‚ It’s my first sober Christmas and it feels great!!

    1. Glad you’ve liked them Julie πŸ™‚ Wishing you and yours a fabulous Christmas and New Year and so happy that you are going into your first sober Christmas feeling great!

  7. Dear Lucy,
    Merry Christmas, Eve! Tonight my hubby and I are going to go for out Christmas Eve walk. Then eat chicken! LOL
    I went to yoga today and it was packed!!!
    Tomorrow I will get LOTS of chocolate form Santa!

    1. Merry Xmas Eve to you and your husband too untipsy! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your walk tonight and all the chocolate tomorrow πŸ˜‰ xx

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