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Veronica Valli and I (7) discuss Step 2

So today is Boxing Day in the UK – another bank holiday so in the past this meant spending the day recovering from a hangover or sod it – let’s start early and skip the hangover by getting drunk again!  Boxing Day races was always a big thing when I was growing up.  Mulled wine and watching the jee jee’s with a punt on the side.  For many it is now associated with the Boxing Day sales so a bit like Black Friday in the US.

Veronica and I met once more to chat on Skype and continued our series about the 12 steps.  Today we discuss Step 2 which reads: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.  Veronica does an excellent job of exploring exactly what Step 2 means and how you apply it to your life.

I am so enjoying these discussions, and I hope you are too?   As I say at the end it is encouraging me to re-evaluate my beliefs about things.  Open-mindedness is key 🙂

We’ll be back in the New Year discussing the remainder of the steps.

Veronica Valli is an Addictions Therapist and the author of Why you drink and How to stop: http://www.amazon.com/Why-You-Drink-H…

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