Paying the price of alcohol

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I’ve attached a brilliant infographic entitled ‘paying the price of alcohol’ and produced by Alcohol Concern and Public Health England that summarises the impact of alcohol.  It looks at all categories including:

  • Impact on the UK
  • Impact on the NHS
  • Impact on health
  • Impact on mortality

And then offers the benefits of cutting down and guidance on the recommended units per day and information on weight implications in terms of calories content of alcohol.

It’s a good overview and snapshot and it would be great if these were displayed in all GP surgery waiting rooms with signposting of where to go if you need help or support with alcohol.  A girl can dream ……. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Paying the price of alcohol

  1. It’s a great info graphic – and I agree it would make a brilliant poster to go up in GPs surgeries. And I would add “improved mental health” to the list of benefits of cutting down. Perhaps for me it was quitting rather than “cutting down” that gave me this, but for me this would be a category in its own right!
    Mental health benefits of quitting:
    – more calm
    – more comfortable in my own (better!) skin
    – happier with myself
    – improved self esteem
    – improved confidence
    – more able to talk about feelings
    – more confident in dealing with difficult feelings
    – more open
    Phew! What a list! But I honestly don’t think that it is OTT. It’s not that I have got any of this cracked yet, but it *is* all an improvement on where I was a year ago.
    Here’s to a sober 2015 😉

    1. Completely agree MTM and have to wonder how much of the burden on UK mental health services is exacerbated by booze? I don’t think your list is OTT at all and hope you had a lovely sober Xmas and can’t wait to see you in 2015 😉 xx

    1. Morning Prim! 🙂 There seems to be a concerted effort of joint working going on between Alcohol Concern and PHE and I’ve a post in the New Year about this very thing 😉 I’m hoping that PHE have plans to circulate within January to support Alcohol Concern’s ‘Dry January’ campaign and that it will be use within the NHS seeing as it has NHS employers branded logo on it – so to me that would mean within hospitals and community settings. Need to check with my PHE contact that this is the case!! xx

    1. I agree feeling – that’s the missing piece of information 🙂 I think it is designed to support a month’s abstinence, only in January, so that would explain why it’s not there. This poster needs to be seen and available all year round too!

  2. Echoing the others here: brilliant graphic 🙂 I’m hoping it gets displayed in as many places as possible! xx

  3. Dear Lucy,
    I read the whole graphic to my hubby, as we travel home from our Christmas with family.
    I sure wish we had cool graphics in US!
    I did find some statistics on the MADD web site about drunk driving.

    1. Hey untipsy – hope you’re having a good journey home 🙂 I’m sure these kind of things will follow in the US and do share the drink driving info you found!

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