Survey to reveal Scottish drink and drug use

“The problem with alcohol guidelines is they do not let you get drunk, or not very often, and therefore people dismiss them.”

This comment was made in a Herald Scotland news article in November this year.  The rest of the article reads:

Scots are being asked to reveal their drink and drug use habits to show how the country compares to other parts of the world.

Researchers are hoping the survey will paint a ­realistic picture of the way people indulge in alcohol and other intoxicating substances. The study poses a number of questions, including asking drinkers how much they need in order to feel tipsy.

The Global Drug Survey, which is the largest of its kind, has taken place over the next month in 20 different countries. Last year it found a third of the working Scottish population had turned up to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Scotland was also one of the worst three countries when it came to the number of people hooked on alcohol – but many of these problem drinkers thought their habits were normal.

This year’s survey aims to tease out how much people think they need to drink to enjoy themselves. It will also probe how drugs are used in a number of other ways, from legal highs to substances which are believed to aid slimming, athletic performance and cramming for exams.

Adam Winstock, a consultant psychiatrist, lecturer at King’s College London and the founder of the Global Drugs Survey, said: “I think some Scottish people may take comfort in the perception that everyone drinks, but actually the picture isn’t as bad as they think. Not everyone does go out and get bladdered.

If you’re a Scots reading this and would like to complete the survey go to:

I so admire what Scotland is doing – challenging MUP, looking at alcohol availability (as discussed here yesterday) and its impact on health, reducing the drink driving limit.  They recognise they have a problem and are working to improve the health and well-being of it’s people and it’s working too – as alcohol consumption in Scotland is falling as reported  here

Alcohol consumption in Scotland has fallen by the equivalent of 38 million pints of beer a year since 2009.  An NHS Health Scotland report said much of this could be attributed to the economy crashing and the scrapping of multi-buy deals.  There were also a third fewer alcohol-related deaths last year than a decade ago, and a 25% drop in alcohol related hospital admissions since 2007/08.  However, alcohol sales remain 17% higher than in England and Wales.  This was said to mainly be due to higher sales through supermarkets and off-licences in Scotland, particularly of lower-priced spirits.

This is a huge decrease in deaths and hospital admissions which I would consider a huge success for the people of Scotland 🙂  Maybe one day our leaders will show the same level of concern for our health and well-being?  Even being involved in this survey would be a start ……….

14 thoughts on “Survey to reveal Scottish drink and drug use

  1. Actually Louise, you don’t need to be Scottish to enter the survey. The want to compare use through Europe so they have translated the survey in all the languages! 🙂 How very European. 🙂

    1. Fabulous feeling – away you go!! 😉 And will check out if there is a UK option too. My bad for not checking properly …….

  2. Good news for Scotland 🙂 That first comment at the top of the post is so sad, but so true…we don’t like what we’re being told, so we just ignore it. A funny story to share btw: Today was my first day back at work after the holiday, and my supervisor brings me a belated-Christmas gift: a bottle of wine! Was going to e-mail you with that tidbit but I thought your readers might get a kick out of it…or not 😉 xx

    1. Absolutely Lori! Thanks for sharing your story – what are you going to do with that bottle of wine? 😉 xx

      1. Ha Ha I’m going to pass it on to Mr. K…he’s still drinking…ugh xx

      2. Ah well – he’ll enjoy it even if you won’t necessarily enjoy watching him drink it 😉

    2. Lori that made me laugh I’m on 9 bottles so far of ‘gifts’. I’ve started a 12 hour rule, if I can’t hand it on/back/over by that time, it gets plonked down the sink.

      I”ve only plonked one down the sink this holiday so far but that was my temper tantrum so that doesn’t count.

      1. Bloody hell – 9 bottles?! Are there no other gift options in the world anymore?? Great way of dealing with the issue though Daisy 🙂

      2. On the islands I lived on most jobs (like extra favour jobs) and presents were whisky. It was the local currency.

      3. Need to find you a new currency then missus! 😉 Candles, fancy bubble bath, cake? 🙂

  3. Hey there its a global survey eh – wowser. Interesting stuff Lucy. I have to say though, why they wanted to know I’m a taurus is beyond me. Thorough, interesting too thank you.


    1. LOL Daisy 😉 They might be interested in your change of drink habits though seeing as you’re north of the border? 🙂

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