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Alcohol and sexual health in young people: the role of PSHE

Last month I had some research published that I wrote titled ‘Alcohol and sexual health in young people: the role of PSHE’ as part of a course entitled ‘Issues in Contraceptive and Reproductive Sexual Health’ that I studied at university.  This course was part of my ongoing professional development related to my job role.

Seeing as I was seven month’s sober when I started the course unsurprisingly my curiousity was drawn to the issue of how alcohol affects sexual health in young people.  In particular it was piqued by a doubling back on some evidence based research that was commissioned for the Govt by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) looking at the subject in relation to personal, social and health and economic education (PSHE) in schools.  Dog with a bone or what? 😀

It was published in the Community Practitioner, a specialist journal for community nursing staff such as District Nurses, Health Visitors and School Nurses.  Without further ado here is the pdf so you can read it in its entirety and see my name with all it’s letters after it 😉

p34-36 Professional_Rowlinson

For those of you who like a summary only here were my key points:

• It is important that the NICE PSHE guidelines are updated and implemented
• The NICE guidelines have the potential to improve sexually transmitted infection and teenage pregnancy rates, which remain a high priority for government, and address the issue of alcohol, which is an increasing priority in young people
• Implementation of a more holistic approach to PSHE is needed through teaching sexual health and alcohol education together
• Young people want to understand the influence of alcohol on sexual behaviours and where to get confidential support to manage their emotions if they make a bad decision as a result of drinking

I’m interested to hear your thoughts? 🙂