Alcohol-related Disease – Questions to Parliament

Ever wondered what politicians and Lords do all day when they’re busy at Westminster?  Well now you can find out and follow along.

This is a debate that went on in December regarding ‘alcohol-related disease’ where questions were put to Parliament in the House of Lords and you can see it here:

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what action they are taking to address the increase in alcohol-related disease.

So if in the future you ever want to know what our Govt is debating and doing about issues related to alcohol – now you know where to look 😉


2 thoughts on “Alcohol-related Disease – Questions to Parliament

  1. well, that’s an addictive site – you’ll get me into trouble now 🙂

    how about this discussion from 12 January?

    in which PHE’s plans for a review of MUP to advise the next Government are mentioned?

    although this quote from Conservative peer Earl Howe, who is a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health, made my blood pressure rise quite un-necessarily this early in the morning:

    in answer to the question:

    “Does the Minister agree with me that alcohol is properly defined as a habit-forming, hallucinatory drug, and is it not about time that Governments began to treat the use and abuse of this particular drug with the same seriousness as they do the abuse of other drugs?”

    he replied,

    “My noble friend makes a very good point. Alcohol in moderation is something that we can all enjoy, but people who binge drink or drink drive cause problems for accident and emergency departments. They are the people we have to bear down upon. I believe that we do now have effective systems of regulation and enforcement, which are proving their worth.”

    this attitude will keep addiction consigned to the dark cupboard of shame and iniquity, when what IS ACTUALLY deeply iniquitous is government’s failure to act in the interests of the well being of the citizens of this country!

    *gets off soap-box*

    1. Tee hee – thought you’d like this Prim 😉 I shall be posting the odd conversation from inside our corridors of power to keep me mindful of just how mis-represented we are as regards this issue! xx

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