84% of motorists support alcohol immobilisers on cars

Almost 84% of UK motorists would support the introduction of technology designed to immobilise vehicles if sensors detect that the driver is over the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit. 

The result comes as part of a motoring safety innovations survey by National Windscreens. 

This figure makes particularly interesting reading for insurers looking to reduce the costs of drink driving related incidents and is especially significant when combined with the fact that 66% would specify additional technologies when buying a new vehicle, specifically to benefit from discounted insurance premiums.

The level of support for alcohol detection devices is in stark contrast to the 39% of respondents who stated they would support the introduction of technology designed to make it impossible to exceed the speed limit.

These findings are very timely with the recent reduction of the BAC limit for drivers in Scotland earlier this month and the festive season’s imminent arrival, putting drink driving high on the national agenda.

National Windscreens commercial director, Pete Marsden said: “These results clearly demonstrate the high level of support for innovation designed to minimise drink driving. There is a clear opportunity for insurers to capitalise on this support with premiums that differentiate between vehicles with and without this safety feature.”

According to the Department for Transport, despite significant reductions in recent years there were still 230 UK deaths attributed to drink driving in 2012. And with alcohol cited as the cause for 6630 road accidents per annum, in addition to the human cost this issue obviously has huge financial implications for the motor insurance industry.

Marsden added: “Drink driving is still a significant cause for concern for both motorists and insurers – our survey suggests that any innovations which can help reduce the number of accidents caused by alcohol would be welcomed by drivers throughout the UK.”  

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I think it’s great this technology is being considered but wonder whether the 84% who were supportive had thought about the repercussions not only to their night time driving but their early morning driving too?  Particularly when a fifth of drivers said that take the wheel after a heavy night’s drinking despite the risk of still being over the drink-drive limit.
Daisy recently shared this brilliant guide to how long it takes for the body to metabolise alcohol and these BAC monitors will impact on driving irrespective of what time of day it is …….
alcohol clear time
What do you think?  How do you feel about the BAC monitors?  I’d be happy to declare I was teetotal if it meant lower car insurance premiums 🙂

5 thoughts on “84% of motorists support alcohol immobilisers on cars

    1. Surprised the insurance industry hasn’t cottoned on to this sooner Prim! 🙂 xx

  1. I loved seeing the “morning after” chart!
    I don’t know if the US drivers would support this, but I think it would be great, as we still have a drunk driving problem in the US.

    1. It’s a great chart isn’t it untipsy!! Thanks to Daisy for sharing it first and it’s a pretty sobering read xx

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