Effectiveness of web-based self help interventions with alcohol

There is growing research on the effectiveness of web-based self-help interventions. A meta-analysis by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that, for people with hazardous and harmful use of alcohol, computerized self-help is approximately as effective as a face-to face brief intervention. It is also likely to be cost-effective. Online self-help might be the first part of stepped care and it offers an option when health professionals are scarce.


With that in mind, we are coming towards the end of Dry January and Dryathlon.Β  If you’ve stopped throughout January, are feeling great and weighing up whether to start again again why not sign up for my Udemy course here or just click on the gift icon at the top of the right hand side bar?Β  It’s currently half price at only $50 (Β£32) too πŸ˜‰

Here are what others, who all gave 5 star reviews, having done the course said:

five stars

If you are serious about stopping drinking alcohol – or significantly cutting down – the course will help you plan, action and sustain this momentous change.

The information given is an accessible mixture of evidence-based theory from a nursing perspective, and personal experience. The lectures, resources and support included in the course comprise a powerful yet compassionate package.

It’s not easy getting your life back from alcohol’s clutches when you have been drinking too much for too long, but this course will help you do it. Highly recommended.

packed full of information and tools!
What I liked most about this course is that it’s written by someone who has been through addiction herself and is passing on her understanding and tools using the benefit of her professional background. It’s written really clearly and speaks hard truths in a sympathetic and matter of fact way.If you are wondering whether your life could be improved by changing your relationship with alcohol this course will guide you through that decision making process and give you the techniques and support you need to make that change. Highly recommended.
Helpful for Anyone Affected by Problem DrinkingLouise Rowlinson has combined her professional background and personal experience to create a course to provide guidance to those who are worried about their drinking habits, or those who know they have a drinking problem and are not sure how to get help. She addresses moderation, along with abstinence, in a course packed with useful information, resources, and referrals to online communities dedicated to reduce alcohol abuse. The course materials are presented in an easy-to-follow and honest manner. I feel it is helpful not only to those with a drinking problem, but to those who are family members or friends of problem drinkers. It explains the effects of alcohol use on the body and mind, which makes the often misunderstood issue of alcohol abuse easier to comprehend. Would definitely recommend this course.Fantastic course !

This is a very good course , very informative giving factual information and practical advice . I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to address their alcohol consumption . The follow up call from Louise was also a great help and was very motivating. Thanks Louise

Do avail of the extra support from Louise

I found this course really informative, interesting and easy to follow. I have been sober for a while but was suffering from a bout of PAWS or just a wobble. I emailed Louise a few times and set up a phonecall with her. How fantastic and easy it was to chat with Louise. It really re-motivated me and inspired me. Thanks so much Louise

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  1. So many people search for help on the internet, myself included!
    Thank you, Lucy!
    I love all the information I am getting by reading your blog!

    1. Why not untipsy – you can do it in the privacy of your own home πŸ™‚ You are most welcome and all us sober bloggers help by sharing our stories and journeys xx

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