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Pound pub opens in Liverpool

Wavertree pub will sell beers at £1 for a half and £1.50 a pint

Half pints will be available from £1 and pints from £1.50 when the former Cuffs Bar on High Street, Wavertree becomes the fourth Pound Pub in the country to open in Liverpool.

Mike stressed: “It’s not a pound a pint as some people seem to think. And it’s not all about cheap beer because we are selling non-alcoholic drinks at £1. It’s a no frills business, that’s the best way to describe it. There will be no Sky Sports, karaoke or DJs which a lot of pubs round here have.”

Mike, who is hoping to attract more students to the pub, added: “We are not trying to encourage alcoholism or binge-drinking. It’s about people who might only have £10 being able to have a good night out. We know money is tight and people are on a budget, while this is not a high income area.”

The £1.50 pints will include John Smith’s, Foster’s, Strongbow, Budweiser and a changing cask ale, while £1 bottles include Foster’s and Carlsberg.

If you’re a stout drinker, it’s £2 for a pint of Murphy’s and £3 for Guinness.

The £1 soft and non-alcoholic drinks include large Pepsi, large R. White’s lemonade, J20 and Becks Blue.

Other Pound Pubs – which are run by Here For Your Hospitality Ltd of Leigh, Greater Manchester – operate in Atherton, Greater Manchester, Stockton on Tees and Newark in Nottinghamshire.

Joe White, operations manager with Here For Your Hospitality, said: “All our other openings have gone well so we are hoping for a busy first day.”

Regarding concerns the business could encourage irresponsible drinking, he added: “You can drink at home cheaper than you can in a pub, and you are not monitored. Here there are people to say ‘You’ve had enough’.”

Mike Wardell, director of Here For Your Hospitality, meanwhile, has already described the operation as “a quality product in a well managed, controlled environment”.

As for the 9am opening (closing time will be 11pm), this might be put back if few customers come in at that time in the early days and weeks – and Joe White said: “It’s about giving people more choice.”

Mike Dring added: “We do want to attract new customers, including students, but we also want to keep our existing customers.”

Right – so it has a range of alcohol free products so they argue that it’s product range isn’t designed to encourage irresponsible drinking but it opens at 9am – to give people more choice ………

In other news in Worcestershire, the county to the East of Merseyside:

Council slashes drug and alcohol abuse funding £500,000 in ‘pay by results’ deal

Worcestershire County Council is having to defend criticism it is “taking risks” with vulnerable people by looking to save money.

Taxpayers currently fork out £4.79 million a year on services to help wean people off deadly drugs and alcohol abuse.

It will be cut £493,000 to £4.3 million in April due to huge pressure on the council’s budget, with around £25 million needing to be saved over the next year.

So more availability of alcohol via pubs who are targeting lower prices and wider opening hours vs reduction in services that pick up the pieces.  I can’t see a problem with this picture can you??