Week 3 of sugar free for Lent!

Gotta love me a bit of Samuel L Jackson and 20+ years sober to boot 😉

Samuel L Jackson

Weds – week 2 begins with a wobble.  Stressing about uni presentation on Thursday.  All the flapjacks are gone and I haven’t had time to bake any more today.  I have packed two up to take with me tomorrow but I’m seriously worried I’m going to fall off the sugar wagon.  The uni buttery is filled with chocolate temptation of the rocky road variety and I have form 🙁

Thurs – well I did it!  Survived the uni presentation day without cracking 🙂  I planned and took 2 Davina flapjacks with me (I know greedy!) and had one before the presentation and one after and it worked!!  Then while I was gone MrHOF kindly cooked up a batch of Davina chocolate brownie’s and I had one after dinner in the evening.  Really chuffed with myself 😀

Davina chocolate brownie

Friday – didn’t really think about chocolate or sweet things.  Went for a run and am now used to not having honey on my toast, had a chocolate brownie at 4pm as a late afternoon snack.  Went to a meeting in the evening and wasn’t tempted by the open biscuit barrel and on the way home bought myself a reduced price bouquet of roses and freesias (my favourite).  Maybe I can live without sugar after all?? 😉

Saturday – went swimming with the kids.  Had a brownie before I went and then one with a cup of tea when we got back and all was well.  Really hungry early evening so had handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  Very late dinner so evening cravings weren’t too bad.  Watching Better Call Saul on a Saturday night felt like I should have been having a sweet treat but the moment passed.  Still sucking Ricola sugar free Liquorice sweets that seem to help.

Sunday – Davina’s pitta pizza’s for lunch Yum!!

Pitta pizza

This afternoon made some Davina Granola and some Powerballs.  Had to taste test the batch (twice!) and they are absolutely amazing and I’ll share pictures next week 😉  Had Davina brownie and yoghurt for my dessert after dinner so all was well with the world 🙂 Although in the spirit of honesty I have to share that another powerball found it’s way in to my mouth later that evening ……

Monday – took Davina brownie into volunteering so that I wasn’t tempted off of the path.  Didn’t really think too much about sugar today.  Had my brownie after lunch.  Had a powerball when I got home and then found myself eating another one after dinner but that was it.  Oh and finished the Ricola sugar free sweets – well the liquorice ones anyway! 😉  Am really beginning to wonder how much of it was just habit?

Tuesday – didn’t give sugar much thought.  Ate my sugar free muesli, homemade fruit bread without honey, went food shopping and wasn’t salivating in the chocolate aisle.  Did have a powerball when I got back though and another one later on too.  Late afternoon/evenings are definitely the most difficult time – just like booze!

Into week 3 of sugar free living …..

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7 thoughts on “Week 3 of sugar free for Lent!

    1. Thanks MTM 🙂 Does the fact that I’ve used 1kg of honey cooking in the last 3 weeks mean it’s not really sugar free?! 😉 xx

  1. ha ha at 1kg of honey 🙂 bees working on overtime around the UK…. and I know you don’t want to hear about my sugar MM but getting back on the straight and narrow of one ‘treat’ per day has been challenging for me! like the look of those powerballs! xx

    1. Hey Prim Yeah I know I need shares in the stuff!! My sister has a couple of hives so I’m ok for the minute 😉 The powerballs are lush – remind me of Snickers bars – but just too moreish and I find myself eating 2 or 3 a day!! xx

  2. I love Sam’s quote 🙂 I’m enjoying reading your “sugar diary” Keep up the good work! xx

    1. Me too Lori 🙂 Thanks – as my kids would say, are we there yet? 😉 xx

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